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Vintage Tin Flour & Sugar Sifters

Vintage Tin Flour & Sugar Sifters

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This is a listing for ONE vintage tin flour or sugar sifter. A choice of a ‘Flour’ or ‘Sugar’ sifter is available to choose from.

Each of these sugar and flour sifters dates from the early 20th Century, although they have later been repurposed, having had brass name plates added with Art Deco style typography. The effect is a unique and very usable vintage sifter.

Both the tin sifters are in very good condition. The ‘Flour’ sifter is the cleanest example, with the tin having an overall dark, clean look to it. The ‘Sugar’ sifter has taken on a more speckled appearance as it aged. Both the brass plaques, which are later additions to the sifters, have polished up very well.

As well as looking excellent displayed in the kitchen, both these items are still highly usable too and are great items for a keen baker.

Height, 12cm; Width, 11cm; Depth, 9cm
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