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Vintage French Set of Graduating Brass Measures

Vintage French Set of Graduating Brass Measures

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This is a highly decorative set of six solid brass measures, dating from the mid 20th Century. It’s rare to find such a complete set, especially with so many of the smaller measures which help to make this set a real gem.

French in origin, this set contains metric measures ranging from the smallest 1cl cup up to half a litre. The smallest is especially sweet. And with extra long hooked handles, these measuring cups can also be hung up on display. The set includes measures for 2cl, half dl, 1dl, 2dl and half a litre

Made of solid brass, each with a moulded brass label attached to the front, this set of vintage brass measuring cups is in good used condition. There are some areas of tarnishing, most notably on the largest measure, and a few little knocks. Nonetheless, it's still a very decorative set. 

Not only is this vintage set extremely useful in the kitchen today, they also look stunning on display as part of a kitchenalia collection.

The smallest measures 10.5cm tall by 3.5cm at its widest, and the tallest measures 24.5cm tall by 8.5cm wide.
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