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Vintage French Rustic Bread Baguette Platter

Vintage French Rustic Bread Baguette Platter

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This is a listing for a lovely rustic carved French bread platter, dating from the mid 20th Century.

Carved from a dingle piece of wood, this was intended as a bread serving platter. A lovely shape, though, this could fulfil a variety of decorative purposes in the home. It could be filled with plants or succulents, used as a fruit bowl or for serving condiments at the table. 

A highly decorative item, this platter has a rustic appeal to it. Primitive in its style, there are some odd cracks and knocks. However, this adds natural timeworn charm. It is a sturdy piece.

Length, 54cm; Width, 12.5cm; Height, 5.5cm

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