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Set of Three Miniature Stoneware Inkwells

Set of Three Miniature Stoneware Inkwells

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A very sweet and cute set of three miniature antique stoneware inkwell pots, dating from the late 19th Century or early 20th Century.

These inkwells may be tiny yet they ooze character, with timeworn rustic colouring.

Sourced from England, small pots like these would originally have been used for ink. They are all in excellent condition, with good colouring and no chips or cracks. There are a few firing faults where the clay has clumped in very small amounts but this adds to their rustic charm.

This set of stoneware pots will look lovely simply on display, or for use with candles or as bud vases. They are great pieces of vintage home decor.

Largest pot: 8cm tall, 4.5cm wide
Smallest pot: 6cm tall, 4cm wide
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