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Rustic Carved Antique Early 20th Century Bread Board

Rustic Carved Antique Early 20th Century Bread Board

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A wonderful carved treen wooden breadboard, dating from the 1920s, oozing character with faded carved decoration, and a rich and timeworn patina.

This breadboard is full of character and rustic charm. Although the carved border has faded over time through use, it’s created a mellow and warm patina which, mixed with the rich colour of the board, has created a unique and beautiful piece. The finish on the board is rather primitive and rustic, which adds significant charm to the piece.

Although the carving has clearly worn, the ribbon and leaf decoration is still clearly visible. And the fading creates quite a beautiful and delicate effect, especially combined with wear to the middle of the board and the deep gully for collecting crumbs.

The board is in overall good condition. It sits flat meaning it is still good for daily use. There are old knife and cutting marks but these weave into the age of the piece. There is also an old split in the side of the wood, however this is barely notable from the front and hasn’t affected the integrity of the board.

Width, 27.5; Depth, 2cm
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