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Rare Charles Letts Household Wants Indicator - Rare Early Version

Rare Charles Letts Household Wants Indicator - Rare Early Version

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A rare example of an early 20th Century metal tabbed Household Wants Indicator, made by Charles Letts, in lovely antique condition.

This antique shopping list was designed to be hung in the kitchen or inside a utility cupboard to keep an eye on the household goods needed for shopping. It is a fascinating insight into the household habits and social history of the time, with items like ‘black lead’, ‘pipeclay’ and 'tongue'.

This is an earlier version in comparison to the black examples which are more commonly found (which is also seen hanging in the Downton Abbey kitchen), dating to around 1910. It is striking through the use of pillarbox red in the header, matching the colour of the metal tabs. The Charles Letts brand name is also more prominent than on the later versions.

Made of tin, the indicator wraps around a piece of backing board which, although it has some wear to it, may be a replacement. There are no tabs or holes for hanging. This household wants indicator is in fair condition for its age. There is oxidisation to the tin, which is most notable at the top and around the tabs. However, they are all in working order. There is unfortunately one tab missing - for ‘Candles’ but the rest are all present. 

Height, 32.5cm; Width, 27.5cm

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