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Rare Antique White Ironstone 'Higene' Covered Jug by Grimwades

Rare Antique White Ironstone 'Higene' Covered Jug by Grimwades

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Dating from the early 20th Century, this is an excellent and rarely seen example of the Ralley Patent covered 'higene' jug produced by Grimwades.

Grimwades were renowned both for their use of green transfer print, but also for producing practical items of kitchenware. This piece is no exception, with a cleverly designed lid aimed at keeping bugs and flies away from the milk and cream within. The base of the pot sings the virtues of the patent protected piece: "Flyproof. Dust Proof. Germ Proof." I especially love the older spelling of higene instead of hygiene which we use more commonly today.

In mint condition, this is a very special item to add to a collection. There is just some minor wear and discolouration to the top rim.

Height, 12cm; Length, 10cm; Width, 7cm

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