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Rare Antique Victorian Ironstone Measuring Jug - Load Line Imperial One Pint

Rare Antique Victorian Ironstone Measuring Jug - Load Line Imperial One Pint

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This is a wonderful 19th Century ironstone measuring jug - The Load Line Measure.

Made by Emery in 1881, it is rare to find ironstone measuring cups or jugs, especially in such excellent condition as this. It is packed full of details, making it a fantastic display piece as part of an ironstone or kitchenalia collection.

In a rich blue colour, the name of the jug, The Load Line Measure, features at the top of each side of the jug in a fantastic scrolled banner. Each side of the jug has details of the meaurement in a scroll. 

One side reads: "Pint. Imperial Measure to the Underside of the Coloured Line" and has a Government stamp with the crest of Queen Victoria, highlighting its authenticity. The other side reads, "Submitted to the Standards Department of the Board of Trade." Typically Victorian in style, the typography on each line shows off different fonts. There is a red line at the top of the inside of the jug, showing the pint measurement line.

Old measures like these made of ironstone were often damaged, so this is a rare example. It's equally rare that it is in such nice condition still. There are no chips or cracks on the jug, and the only signs of age are from light crazing all over, which is lightly stained towards the bottom half of the jug and on the base. The base rim also has wear and there is some discolouration to the spout. There are two firing faults where the spout joins the mug and on the inside where the base meets the walls of the jug, but these have been present for almost 150 years and the piece is still very solid.

Height, 11.5cm; Width, 15cm; Depth, 11cm

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