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Rare Antique Victorian Butter Stamp - Union of Marriage

Rare Antique Victorian Butter Stamp - Union of Marriage

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A wonderful and rarely seen example of an antique Victorian carved butter stamp.

A large example, this butter stamp features intricate detailed carving of the national emblems of each UK nation at that time - a rose for England, thistle for Scotland and three-leafed clovers for Ireland. This is very rare and shows that the stamp was created as a symbol of union, and would typically have been produced as a wedding gift, to represent the union of a couple.

In excellent condition, the carving on this example is exceptional and is packed with detail. Both the pattern and its border are intricately carved, with lots of details, and it is still very crisp still.

This stamp has, however, suffered some damage over the years. Most notably, there are old worm holes and damage on one side of the underside of the stamp. This has resulted in some wear to the edge of the butter stamp. However, the face of the stamp itself is clear and the piece has been treated. It is nonetheless still an exceptional piece.

Height - 12cm
Width - 10.3cm
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