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Rare Antique Victorian Butter Mould With 'NH' Monogram

Rare Antique Victorian Butter Mould With 'NH' Monogram

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A wonderful and rarely seen example of an antique Victorian carved butter mould.

A large example, this butter stamp features deep and intricate carving of a monogram - NH - as well as the farm maker's name, K L Rhuden. It is very rare for moulds like this to be personalised in this way. It shows that it was most likely created as a bespoke gift, most likely a marriage gift (which was common at the time) with the initials of the couple featuring. 

In good condition, the carving on this example is exceptional and very crisp still. There is some wear to the outer rim, plus two small holes and a split on the handle where a pin or hook has been used. 

Diameter, 13cm; Height, 7.5cm
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