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Rare Antique Horrocks & Watson Springfield Advertising Pots

Rare Antique Horrocks & Watson Springfield Advertising Pots

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This is a listing for ONE rare and lovely late antique white ironstone potted meat packaging pot for Horrocks & Watson, who were based in Southport England. A total of two are available to choose from. One dates to around 1900 and the other towards the mid 20th Century.

These are great - and rarely found - examples of the Springfield antique advertising white ironstone pots for potted meat. The pots feature black transfer print advertising text, which says:


For what is a rather humble item, it’s lovely to see the use of different sizes and depth of fonts and the framing and detail on this pot. Each side is also flanked by advertising for their lemon cheese and extract of meat tomato sauce! The latter version - shown on the right - also squeezes adversity in here for honey and upgrades the reference to tomato sauce to their “…celebrated tomato ketchup”.

Considered a throwaway item at the time they were produced, these English advertising pots were salvaged from an old dump. They both therefore have differing levels of wear.

The left hand pot is a little duller in colour and has lightly stained crazing all over. There are some nibbles to the rims, as well as a small chip to the back base rim. However, the transfer print is still very clear.

The right hand pot is in better condition overall, with no chips, cracks or crazing. There are some mild age spots around the top rim but overall this is a very clean example with a very clear logo still.

Width, 9cm; Height, 4cm
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