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Rare Antique French Haberdashery Shop Counter Display Advertising Box

Rare Antique French Haberdashery Shop Counter Display Advertising Box

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This is a wonderful example of an antique sewing box, used for display in a French haberdashery - or mercerie - and holding the cottons and silks available for sale.

Dating from the early 20th Century, this stunning box is chippy but oozes tons or charm and character. An old strip of tickets - presumably for repairs and alterations - was in one of the drawers dated 1956, showing it was still in use in the middle of the Century.

Simply constructed from ply and covered with a vinyl coating, and cardboard drawers, this counter display stand was produced by a company called 'La Soie'. Each side of the box features advertising and clear instructions to only display cottons from 'La Pagode' inside:

"Ce meuble offert par 'La Soie' ne doit contenir que des croisettes de coton mercerise 'a la pagode.'"

Having been in daily use inside a haberdashery shop, the box is now a little weathered and worn. The vinyl coating has lifted and torn in a number of places. The drawers still operate but are a little misshaped in places and there are pen marks on the inside of them. The original leather pull handles have also worn away. Yet the patina and age on this piece really does make it stand out as an interesting display piece. 

Height, 27cm; Width, 33cm; Depth, 27.5cm

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