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Rare Antique Dairy Outfit Company Pocock's Travelling Egg Box

Rare Antique Dairy Outfit Company Pocock's Travelling Egg Box

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A rarely seen example of a large travelling egg box, made by the Dairy Outfit Company and in the Pocock's patent design, dating from the early 20th Century.

This eggs box is an excellent display piece to have around home. Each side of the box is printed EGGS, in black typography. The maker’s plaque for the Dairy Outfit Company is also fixed to the top of the box. Pocock's patent, which would have governed how the box was designed, appears both on the top and inside lid of the box. The original label, setting out how the box is to be carried and the types of eggs it is suitable for, is also still on the inside of the lid.

The Dairy Outfit Company produced a range of shop equipment, including egg boxes in a range of sizes. They were designed to be able to transport eggs to their places of sale. 

Although the typography has now faded, this has blended into the staining, wear and patina of the box. The original cast iron lock to secure the lid in place still works and all of the original fittings are present. 

This box had been sitting unused for many years and it has a very rustic feel to it. There is a breakage to the wood at the back of the box, although this piece is still inside the box and could be fixed into position again. All of the original iron fittings on each corner of the box have also oxidised with age. One of these, on the front corner of the box, has also worn and degraded a little. Nonetheless, the box is still in very sturdy condition.

For those wanting to add a genuine rustic feel to their interior, this is a perfect display item. Its large size means it is also great for storage too. A great quirky item to have on display.

Length, 44cm; Width, 25cm (including lock at the front); Height, 16cm

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