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Miniature Antique Branded Dummy Broody Eggs - Eltex

Miniature Antique Branded Dummy Broody Eggs - Eltex

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These vintage ceramic eggs are a perfect display piece. A smaller size than traditional hens’ eggs, these were used to encourage birds to lay more eggs.

Available to purchase individually, they have varying degrees of discoloration and wear to them. However, these timeworn imperfections really do help to make them a special and collectable display piece.

They are the ‘Eltex’ brand of eggs and have the brand name imprinted on their side. Only one of these is still clearly recognisable as Eltex though. They all have staining to them from where they have been used.

A total of four are available to purchase.

The two on the left are greyer in colour, and they both have minor knocks and different shades of discolouration all over.

Rough Dimensions of each egg:
Length, 4cm
Width, 3cm
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