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Large Two Pound Chubby Antique Frank Cooper Oxford Marmalade Pot

Large Two Pound Chubby Antique Frank Cooper Oxford Marmalade Pot

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This is a listing for a large Victorian two pound chubby Frank Cooper marmalade pot.

Made by the Maling factory in Newcastle in around 1900, these larger two pound "chubby" size English advertising pots are harder to source.

The Frank Cooper company produced their advertising pots for Seville marmalade in a variety of sizes, and this is the more scarce example of the chubbier, larger 2lb crock.

As most jars were discarded with common waste at the time, they often have discoloration and chips. However, this adds to their charm as highly decorative, weathered and chippy pieces.

Overall, this pot is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. There are a few scuff marks in places. There is also light coffee coloured crazing, which is mainly notable towards the bottom of the pot and on the inside. But this adds to the natural timeworn appeal of the piece. There are also some blue marks on the inside base. 

Overall, though, it's a lovely example with a very clear underglazed black transfer print logo.

Height, 11cm; Width, 11cm

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