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Large Antique Victorian Butter Stamp - Roses

Large Antique Victorian Butter Stamp - Roses

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A wonderful and rarely seen example of an antique Victorian carved butter stamp.

A large example, this butter stamp features deep carving of two rosettes. Typically, roses symbolise love and, having the two together, it’s more than likely this was intended as a wedding gift in the mid to late 1800s. It has a wonderful border which itself is framed by the edging of the mould

In nice condition, the carving and its border are still very clear. The wood itself has a wonderful rich colouring and patina. It’s certainly still very usable, perhaps for biscuits.

The handle is screwed into position. The back of the stamp has some old filled worm holes but this has also been treated. 

Height, 9cm; Width, 10cm
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