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Large Antique 19th Century Carved Swedish Cheese Mould

Large Antique 19th Century Carved Swedish Cheese Mould

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This is a wonderful piece of Scandinavian folk art - a large wooden 19th Century cheese mould featuring a carved geometric design.

Typical of Swedish folk art at the time, this bleached wood cheese mould has a carved geometric pattern on its base. Holes in the base of the mould allowed the whey to drip away. Carvings on the back date this piece to 1854.

This is a fantastic rustic and tactile piece. It is in two sections as the original dowels holding the base in place have broken over time. This top section still fits into place so is great still for decorative purposes. It could also be screwed into position should a stronger fix be needed.

A lovely insight into Swedish history, this is a wonderful decorative feature in its own right. It could also be used as a small feature shelf to display smaller pieces simultaneously.

Apart from the broken dowels holding the base in place, the top section is otherwise very sturdy. There is general age and wear including some staining and surface scratches to the wood, but this is commensurate to the age of the piece, and also gives it an authentic rustic feel. There are some old worm holes in places but the piece has been treated.

Length, 41cm; Width, 18cm; Height, 12.5cm
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