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Extra Large French White Ironstone Decorative Patisserie Platter

Extra Large French White Ironstone Decorative Patisserie Platter

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A stunning example of an extra large antique French white ironstone serving platter dating from the early 20th Century.

This is a very unusual platter, featuring a rectangular shaped stand in the middle to display items on. It's likely this was intended to showcase cakes and patisseries like gateaux.

With decorative relief work around the outside of the platter, featuring foliage, shells and cornucopia, this is a beautiful display stand. The central display stand also has a decorative border.

In lovely clean condition, there is unfortunately one small area of damage where one corner of the central stand is chipped. This isn't overly notable as the colour of the whole piece is consistently white. There is no crazing or cracks, and just a few odd scuff marks in places. These are most notable on the base of the platter.

Length, 56cm; Width, 35.5cm; Height, 5cm

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