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Antique Victorian Salvaged Clock Face

Antique Victorian Salvaged Clock Face

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A striking and impressive hand painted enamel click face, salvaged from a grandfather clock which dates to the 1800s.

Salvaged hand painted clock faces like these make for such statement decorative pieces. They look fabulous displayed on walls, shelves or mantelpieces.

This example isn’t in a style I often see, with a detailed depiction of a girl fetching water from a riverside taking centre stage at the top of the face. Although the centre of the face itself is now a little faded, all of the Roman numerals are very clear still and each corner features a pretty decorative floral pattern.

In relatively good condition for its age, the enamel has eroded towards the edges but is otherwise in good order. There are cracks to it across the surface but these add to the patina of the piece. There is also some wear and scratches to the painting but it is nonetheless still a highly decorative item. The iron back of the face has oxidised in some areas due to age but is largely in good solid order. The original mechanism has been removed, making it easier to hang this on a wall if desired.

Width, 33cm; Height, 47cm; Depth, 1.5cm (length of screws in back)
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