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Antique Victorian Salt Glazed Pitcher with Pewter Lid

Antique Victorian Salt Glazed Pitcher with Pewter Lid

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A stunning example of a salt glazed plain pitcher with a pewter lid, dating from the mid to late 1800s.

This Victorian pitcher has an antiques dark cream colour to it. The pewter lid helped to ensure milk, cream or syrup stayed fresh. Featuring simple, yet beautiful detailing of a vine of foliage and berries winding its way around the jug and its handle, it’s a very striking pitcher.

Considering its age, this item is in excellent condition. The original pewter lid still operates well and there are no cracks or chips except for a small dent to the base. There are some minor firing crack to the surface where the joins meet on the front of the jug but this isn’t significant. There are also some small patches of mild discolouration and in places. On the whole, though, this pitcher is in nice clean condition.

A great medium to large sized pitcher, this jug oozes quality and would make a lovely addition to a kitchenalia collection.

Height, 25cm
Width, 17cm (including handle)
Depth, 13cm
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