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Antique Victorian Ironstone Display Slab Advertising Bartlett & Sons By Wedgwood

Antique Victorian Ironstone Display Slab Advertising Bartlett & Sons By Wedgwood

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A wonderful and extremely scarce example of a large Victorian butchers or grocers shop display stand, featuring advertising for the shop outfitters, Bartlett & Sons of Bristol.

Made by Wedgwood, it carries an impressed marking on its base. In solid white ironstone, this is an impressive shop display stand. It is also an unusual shape compared to most, with tapered edges.

Ironstone slabs like this were used by dairies, grocers and butchers before refrigeration was in widespread use. Stands were often placed outside on a block of ice overnight, which would cool the ironstone pottery enough to display dairy and meat produce the following day. In daily use, it is rare to see them in such good condition as this slab, without restoration. There are no chips or cracks on this stand and only some minor surface scratches from use. There is also no crazing.

In daily use, however, this sturdy, quality slab has taken on some staining and age spots. This is where it would have been in contact with fresh meat and dairy products which would have been displayed for sale on top of the slab. The grease has caused the staining to occur. Spots of staining can be seen on the top of the slab but it is most notable on the rear side and so isn’t overly notable when on display. It also adds a unique timeworn patina and charm and does not affect its use in any way.

Both the Bartlett & Sons underglaze transfer to the top, and the company name on the side of the slab, are still very clear and strong.

Apart from the staining, there is just some general wear to the top and base rims. But this is to be expected with an item which is around 150 years old. Overall, the condition really is very good. Constructed from heavyweight ironstone, it weighs a substantial 2.5kg.

In the modern home, these ironstone slabs look stunning on display. And they make the perfect centrepiece when entertaining.

Diameter, 35cm at top and 34.5cm at base
Height, 5cm
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