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Antique French Stoneware 'Balkans' Yoghurt Pot

Antique French Stoneware 'Balkans' Yoghurt Pot

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A gorgeous stoneware antique French advertising pot, used for ‘Balkans’ yoghurt.

Dating from the early to mid 20th Century, this pot was designed to advertise the ‘Balkans’ yoghurt within it.

Stoneware advertising pots like these are beautiful additions to rustic and country interiors in the home. The advertising appears on both sides of the pot, creating a unique feature. The typography has a hatched appearance and is in green.

There are no chips to the pot although there is a hairline running down the side of the pot on one side. However, this is tight and the pot is structurally sound.

A beautiful pot to add a vintage or antique styling touch to your home. Ideal for display as it is or for use as a small bud vase.

Height, 8cm; Width, 7cm at its widest
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