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Antique French 19th Century Hand Blown Glass Fly Catcher

Antique French 19th Century Hand Blown Glass Fly Catcher

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A gorgeous antique French hand blown glass fly catcher.

A larger and more rounded shaped fly catcher than those you normally come across, it stands on three snail-scrolled feet. The glass has been cut smoothly at the neck, from where it was hand blown. It dates to the 19th Century.

Still a functional piece, the original cork stopper is missing but could be easily replaced. Sweet liquid can put in the base rim to attract pests like flies and wasps, and it can be hung from a tree to lure them away from other outside areas. Alternatively, it's such a beautiful decorative item for the home.

In excellent condition, there is a small crack to the inside of the glass at the base. But this doesn't penetrate through and the whole piece is very stable.

Height, 18cm; Diameter, 14.5cm

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