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Antique Edwardian Brown & Polson Cornflour Blancmange Recipe Mould

Antique Edwardian Brown & Polson Cornflour Blancmange Recipe Mould

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This is a lovely example of an antique turn of the century white ironstone jelly, jello or blancmange mould in the rarer crimped shape, with beautiful wear and patination.

Brown & Polson's were the first company to manufacture corn flour in Britain in the mid 1800s. And they were quick to realise the benefits of advertising their products in items used regularly in kitchens across the country. They would often print recipes on to common pieces of kitchenalia, illustrating how their products could be used as an ingredient, advertising their range of products at the same time.

This mould is for their Corn Flour Blanc-Mange. It features the recipe in black transfer print on one side of the mould. These pieces really stand out proudly on display in a modern kitchen, and they are still very durable for use as a jelly mould today too. This Edwardian mould is also a little rarer than most due to its shape; the more common, and later, moulds are rounder in shape.

This mould is in excellent condition for its age, with the underglazed black transfer print recipe still very clear, and the mould itself still quite clean. There is some aged wear to both the top and base rims, including some staining and nibbles, no doubt from where this has been used. There is a small chip to the inside of the mould, together with some light crazing to the glaze. There are also some blue marks on one side of the mould but these aren't overly notable when the mould is on display.

The mould is still perfectly usable and will also look fabulous on display as part of an ironstone or kitchenalia collection.

Width, 18.5cm (at base); Depth, 14cm; Height, 11.5cm
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