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Antique Edwardian Banded Ironstone Storage Jar - Ground Rice or Currants

Antique Edwardian Banded Ironstone Storage Jar - Ground Rice or Currants

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This is a listing for ONE highly collectable medium-sized Edwardian banded white ironstone storage jar for either "GROUND RICE" or "CURRANTS", both of which are in good antique condition.

These white ironstone storage jars were popular in the early part of the twentieth Century, when foodstuffs were often sold in loose measures in local grocers shops. Both these examples are rarer smaller sized examples, which look very sweet.

The underglazed black transfer print labels on both the jars, set within a glorious ribbon banner, are still very clear.

The Ground Rice jar is slightly taller in size. This jar shows the most wear, with crazing all over, some of which has stained to a coffee coloured patina in places. This is particularly noticeable on the lid, which is slightly darker in colour. There are some small cracks to the top rim but the pot is stable and fully usable still.

The Currants jar is in excellent condition. It has some patches of light crazing and some age marks to the top rim but there are no chips or cracks. The lid is a good fit and is original to these types of jars, but perhaps did not belong to this jar originally as it doesn't sit flush. Nonetheless, it is still a good fit and is very usable. 

Ground Rice: Height, 15cm; Diameter, 12.5cm
Currants: Height, 14.2cm; Diameter, 12cm

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