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Antique Early 20th Century Large White Ironstone 'The Creamsep' Dairy Bowl

Antique Early 20th Century Large White Ironstone 'The Creamsep' Dairy Bowl

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A very rare and great sized large white ironstone dairy separator, the ‘Creamsep’ with tipping spout, dating from the early 20th Century.

Bearing a small standard impressed mark for Doulton Lambeth on its base (which has now faded a little), this fabulous dairy bowl dates to the early 1900s. 

These types of cream and dairy bowls were designed to be put to practical use to support produce making. It was designed to separate cream from milk, the shallow and wide nature of the bowl allowing the milk to be swirled around it, and a funnel guarding the cream when the milk was poured from the bowl. 

This version was known as the ‘Creamsep’ bowl, produced by the Churn Company, of Hailsham England. Although there is some fading, the black transfer print advertising the company is still clear, taking centre stage underneath the pouring spout. 

Given the practical history of these items, and obvious fragility, it is a wonder that any survived, especially in such nice condition as this.

The bowl itself is in excellent condition, with no cracks, chips or crazing. There is wear to the base rim from where this has been used, as well as light wear to the top rim and spout.  

These bowls make excellent fruit or mixing bowls. It’s an excellent item and is indeed a very grand piece for any kitchenalia or white ironstone collector

Width (including spout), 30cm
Depth, 27.5cm
Height, 10.5cm

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