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Antique Early 20th Century French Pastis Holder

Antique Early 20th Century French Pastis Holder

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This is a rare and gorgeous antique French wirework 'Pastis' tray. A lovely example of early 20th Century wirework, this glass holder was designed for use in a bar or cafe, for delivering orders of Pastis, an anise-flavoured aperitif.

A very sweet shape, this holder is perfect to hold decorative items in now, to make a unique decorative feature. Glass jam jars, advertising pots and small vases would look stunning displayed in this.

In good overall condition, the wirework has bent a little in places over time, although the tray stands up well, with or without contents inside. There is also oxidisation to the wirework, as to be expected in a piece of this age.

Length, 26.5cm; Width, 17cm; Height, 17.5cm

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