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Antique Bourne Denby Stoneware Storage Jar - Sago

Antique Bourne Denby Stoneware Storage Jar - Sago

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This is a listing for ONE highly collectable early 20th Century stoneware storage jar for SAGO, in fair condition with its original lid, made by Bourne Denby.

These stoneware storage jars were popular in the early part of the twentieth Century, when foodstuffs were often sold in loose measures in local grocers shops. The "SAGO" and “RICE” labels on these pots is still very clear, and stand out proudly on a contrasting white raised label.

Both jars are in good overall condition considering their age. Both have chips to their top rims, a result of day to day use in the kitchen.

The SAGO jar on the left has two chips to its top rim but none on the lid. On one side there is also a very fine hairline running down the pot about two inches, but this is tight and stable and isn’t overly notable on the inside, due to the strength of the stoneware.

The RICE pot has sold.

Height, 19cm
Diameter, 13.5cm
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