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Antique 19th Century French White Ceramic Medicinal Bowls

Antique 19th Century French White Ceramic Medicinal Bowls

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This is a listing for a set of three 19th Century white ceramic pharmaceutical bowls.

These fantastic graduated bowls are rare survivors. They would have been used for medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes, to grind and mix various lotions and pastes.

They are made of a very fine porcelain and are therefore extremely fragile. Given their use and age it’s surprising they’ve survived in such excellent condition with no chips or cracks. The only signs of age are various coloured stains to the ceramic, where they had different substances mixed in them. But this has left a unique timeworn appeal and charm.

In summary, these are excellent antique French pieces which look lovely displayed but are also incredibly useful around the home still, perhaps as small serving dishes, soap plates or candle holders.

Largest Bowl -
Width, 15.5cm, Depth, 15cm, Height, 4.5cm

Smallest Bowl -
Width, 7.5cm, Depth, 7.3cm, Height, 3cm
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