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Antique 19th Century French Carved Wooden Black Forest Hand Mirror

Antique 19th Century French Carved Wooden Black Forest Hand Mirror

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Dating from the 1800s, this is an exquisite and highly decorative carved Black Forest hand mirror.

French in origin, this is a very unique and rarely seen antique mirror with stunning carved details. The frame has been carved to mimic branches intertwining themselves around the edge and handle, interspersed with beautiful and deeply carved foliage. The detail of the carving is very impressive.

Sadly, given the age of this piece, this antique mirror has suffered some damage and care will be needed when handling it. For this reason, I recommend it is used purely as a decorative feature.

Most notably, there is foxing on the mirror and the backing has cracked and broken up. The back of the mirror also has a crack running down it. There are also some breakages in the frame. Some of these have been repaired with glue and some have been left as they are. It is a solid piece but regular handling may affect this and additional repairs might be needed.

All that said, the age and wear to this piece adds natural timeworn charm and a rustic flavour to an already highly attractive piece. It's rare to find a mirror with the level of detail this has and it would make a stunning decorative feature piece on a dressing table or in a bathroom.

Length, 44cm; Width, 23cm; Depth, 2cm

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