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Antique 19th Century Carved Swiss Oak Cheeseboard

Antique 19th Century Carved Swiss Oak Cheeseboard

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A beautiful example of a rarely seen 19th Century deeply carved Swiss oak cheese board, complete with its original ceramic liner.

Antique cheese or bread boards are rarely seen, especially with their ceramic liner plates. This 19th Century example, dating from the mid to late 1800s, is an excellent and rare example. 

Made of oak, the border of this board is extremely well carved. They were created to be sold to British tourists visiting the Alps at the time, and vine leaves and edelweiss were popular subjects. The carving is still crisp and deep. It’s extremely rare to find these boards with their original ceramic liners. This a hunting scene in front of a Royal castle. 

This antique board sits flat and is perfectly usable. It has suffered a small amount of damage in its time, with some areas of the wood having some darker areas of staining from grease or fat.  There are some old worm holes and damage to the centre of the board (upon which the ceramic plate sits) but these have been treated. There are also some small areas of loss to the wood on the outer rim of the board, as well as a small crack on one side (although this is stable and is mainly only notable on the back of the board). The ceramic liner has some light staining and crazing from use, and the gilt edging has faded in places.

Overall, though, it's a very handsome piece, and shows off the quality of craftsmanship in these antique bread and cheese boards. 

Width: 32cm (diameter of plate is 20cm); Height, 3.5cm (to top of plate)

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