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Antique 1930s Banded Maling White Ironstone 'Sultanas' Storage Jar

Antique 1930s Banded Maling White Ironstone 'Sultanas' Storage Jar

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An excellent and rare example of an early 20th Century white banded ironstone storage jar for ‘Sultanas’.

Made by the Maling factory in the 1930s, this style of pot is now very difficult to find. It stands out with the use of shading in the black typography underglazed name label.

White ironstone storage jars like this were popular in the early part of the twentieth Century, when foodstuffs were often sold in loose measures in local grocers shops. These types of pots are becoming harder and harder to source, especially in such nice condition as this.

Although the jar does show signs of use and wear from over the years, on the whole is is in clean condition with the ‘Sultanas’ label is still very clear. There is no crazing or cracks. 

There is wear to the pot, but this is mainly to the lid, which has some nibbles and staining around its rims. The top rim of the pot also has some light staining and a very small chip towards the back, although this isn't overly notable with the lid in position.  

Width, 11cm; Height, 14cm

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