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Antique 1920s Carved English Breadboard Advertising Allinson Bread

Antique 1920s Carved English Breadboard Advertising Allinson Bread

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A lovely example of antique advertising in the form of a carved wooden bread board for Allinson Bread, dating from the 1920s.

Circular carved wooden bread boards were very popular in the early part of the twentieth Century, often given as wedding gifts. Capitalising on their popularity, Allinson, a well known flour producer in the United Kingdom, produced these bread boards as an opportunity to advertise their own products.

This is a lovely example, with the lettering and carving still clearly visible. It is also a little more unusual than most, with the lettering placed at the bottom rather than top of the board.

There is evidence of wear to the bread board, with knife marks from carving to the centre of the board and also to the border. However, the lettering is still defined. There is also a small indent to the edge of the board where the wood has worn away. This is quite common on antique boards like this; often, the boards sat upon stove tops and the edges would get burned and wear away. These issues do not detract from the board and it is still a very attractive and usable piece which would look lovely on display.

The board sits flat and is also still perfectly usable. It has a rich honey colour to it, although it is paler on the outskirts of the board.  is still perfectly usable though. It has a bleached colouring to it, from regular washing, but a richer colouring could be added through regular waxing.

Diameter, 27cm; Height, 2cm
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