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1930s Antique Sparklets Mesh Soda Syphon

1930s Antique Sparklets Mesh Soda Syphon

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A good example of an art deco 1930s Sparklets Soda Syphon.

Produced for Sparklets, this would have been used in bars or clubs to pour soda, using gas bulbs to carbonate water for drinks.

With pewter mesh detailing encasing a thick and heavy glass bottle, these antique soda syphons are still extremely attractive today. The red band around the middle of the syphon is still very clear and in nice condition. The bulbs can also be purchased online if you want to replicate the original intent of the design, although we do not know if this soda syphon is still in working order. The glass straw has been replaced with a plastic alternative.

As with all vintage and antique pieces, this soda syphon does show signs of its age. There are patches of oxidisation in places on one side of the mesh cover. The nickel plate around the collar has also worn and has peeled away in a few places and there is a build up of scale where the lid screws on, and the original chain to hold the cap in place has broken.

However, in comparison to other similar syphons, this piece has worn well and looks very handsome on display. A nice feature is some of the original red print still remaining around the neck of the syphon. It would look fantastic as part of a home bar or on a drinks trolley.

Height, 34cm
Width, 10.5cm (at base, but it does broaden out in the middle)
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