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1920s Antique Grimwades "Paragon" Blancmange & Jelly Mould

1920s Antique Grimwades "Paragon" Blancmange & Jelly Mould

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A delightful large family sized example of the rarely seen Grimwades Paragon Blanc-Mange & Jelly Mould, dating from the early 20th Century.

This jelly mould dates to the 1920s. Produced by Grimwades, this company was renowned for using all available space on their kitchenware ranges to advertise their products and provide practical tips and advice on how to use them.

This example has advertising on both sides of the bowl, interspersed with a delightful floral pattern, for the similarly shaped Grimwades Quick Cooker.

It is in worn condition, with heavy crazing and discolouration to the base of the bowl, no doubt from years of use. There is also a crack here and, while the bowl is in solid condition, I would urge caution against using the bowl. As a decorative item, though, these flaws add to the unique patina of the piece.

Height, 11cm
Width, 17cm (at base)
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