Antique Victorian Oak Welsh Cawl Spoon Holder with Two Shelves for One Dozen Wooden Spoons

antique victorian welsh oak treen wooden cawl spoon hanging rack

A great example of a two-tier Victorian Welsh spoon rack with capacity to hold up to 12 cawl spoons.

Made of oak with simple, nailed construction, this spoon rack has a wonderful rich colouring and patina to it. Welsh in origin, this rack dates to around the 1880s. It was originally intended to hold cawl spoons, which are traditionally used in Wales for making soups, broths and stews.

This spoon rack is a great size, with capacity to hold six spoons on each of the two tiers. The holes are all 20mm wide. It can be used for spoons or other kitchen utensils.

The spoon rack is in great overall condition. Although of simple, nailed construction, it is solid and structurally sound. Made of oak, it’s also a heavy item. There is some wear to the holes where the rack has been used, but these add to the timeworn patina of the piece. There are some odd scuff marks in places, and a couple of small splashes of paint on the back.

There is a small loss to the wood on the left rim of the top shelf, which is about 5cm in length. However, this happened some time ago and so it has blended in with the piece and isn’t overly notable. There is also a small gap between the back board and the top shelf, and there is some minor movement here when pressure is applied. This isn’t really notable except when looking at the rack from the side, and doesn’t affect use of the rack in any way; instead, it reflects its construction and age, where the wood has moved over time.

There is a round hold at the top to hang this rack on the wall. It’s a great collectable piece of kitchenalia, particularly for those with a Welsh connection.

Width, 35cm; Depth, 12.5cm; Height, 20cm

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