Large Victorian Antique Single Tiered Oak Egg Rack For 50 Eggs

large victorian treen oak single tiered egg rack 50 eggs primitive rustic

This is a listing for a large rustic Victorian egg rack, capable of holding 50 eggs.

Made of oak, and dating back to the 1800s, this is an impressive and heavy old single tiered egg rack. It was common for these racks to be used in the kitchens of large houses, where many eggs would be used daily. In fact, in Downton Abbey, the kitchen had an egg rack the same style as this, although it did run the entire length of the kitchen island so was indeed larger than this one.

The rationale for stacking eggs in racks like these was to keep them away from pests. In more modern times, these egg racks look stunning on display on a kitchen work surface or island.

Of simple construction and made in oak, this egg rack has a primitive and rustic style. It was more than likely a homemade piece.

Considering it’s age, this egg racks is in fair condition. There are some odd small splashes of paint on the wood in places, which are only notable on very close inspection. There are also some old splits to the wood which has caused a repair to the middle section, and has left one of the legs a little loose. Nonetheless, this egg rack is still sturdy enough to use day to day for egg storage.

Length, 54cm; Depth, 24cm; Height, 8.5cm

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