Victorian Chippy White Ironstone Advertising Pot – One Pound Chubby James Keiller Dundee Marmalade

antique victorian white ironstone english scottish advertising pot chubby chippy one pound james keiller dundee marmalade crock pot

This is a listing for ONE antique Victorian one pound Dundee marmalade pot, in the dumpiest chubby shape. A total of two are available for sale, in a choice of patinas.

These antique examples of the 1lb James Keiller English advertising Dundee marmalade pots date from the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

These white ironstone James Keiller Dundee marmalade jars were all handmade by Maling in the late Victorian period. The company produced their marmalade pots in a variety of sizes, and this is the rounder sized 1 pound version.

As most pots were discarded at the time, they often have spots of discoloration, cracks, chips and varying shades of crazing. However, this adds to their charm as highly decorative pieces. Both these pots show the scars of their time underground.

Commonly used to store kitchen utensils, they are also perfect for use as vases, plant pots or to store artists paintbrushes, or for purely decorative purposes.

LEFT POT: This pot has a good clear transfer print to the front and is overall quite clean. But there are some patches of staining, chips and cracks. Most notably, there is a hairline at the front of the pot and also a smaller one running up from the base. There are two chips to the top rim. Overall, though, the pot is stable and usable.

RIGHT POT: This pot has varying degrees of staining and discolouration over it from its time underground. The transfer is still visible but has faded a little. There are nibbles to both the top and base rims and three cracks (one of which is quite small) running down from the top rim. However, it is still a stable pot.

Height, 9.5cm; Width, 9cm

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