Antique Victorian Carved English Bread Knife with Steel Blade

antique victorian carved english treen wooden bread knife steel blade

A nice antique English carved wooden handled bread knife with steel blade.

Dating from the late 19th/early 20th Century, this is a nice example of an English carved wooden handled bread knife which is perfect for display (and use) as part of a kitchenalia collection.

The carved treen handle has been engraved “BREAD”. This is still quite deep but has had some knocks and wear over time. There are also some minor marks and stains on the surrounding handle from use over time.

The steel blade has also tarnished in places from contact with water over the years. However, this is not unusual for steel blades of this age and this wouldn’t affect its use now (although care needs to be taken to use a dry cloth to wipe the blade clean rather than washing it in water).

Overall, this is a nice piece of collectable kitchenalia.

Length, 31.5cm; Width (at widest point on blade), 3.5cm

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