Antique Victorian Carved English Breadboard With A Nicely Carved Motto “Our Daily Bread”

1930s antique Meredith Drew glass shop counter advertising display jar

A wonderful Victorian carved English breadboard, with a clear and crisp “Our Daily Bread” motto.

This is a great example of a Victorian carved bread board, dating from the late 1800s. Carved breadboards were extremely popular household items at the time, often given as wedding presents.

Despite its age, the carving on this “Our Daily Bread” board is still very nicely defined and clear. The motto is especially clear. Flanked by simple carvings of leaves on each side of the board, the antique bread board is finished off with nice ribbon detail at the bottom.

The carving has faded a little more nearer the centre of the board from use and there are also knife marks from use of the board over the years. Overall, though, the condition is lovely. It sits flat, although it can be pressed down very slightly at certain points. There are some small marks and discoloration on the board itself which have occurred through use. It is quite pale in colour but the board has been waxed, and ongoing regular waxing will enrich the colour further if desired.

Diameter, 29cm; Height, 2cm

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