Victorian White Ironstone English Advertising Paste Pots for J Sainsburys

1930s antique Meredith Drew glass shop counter advertising display jar

This is a listing for one of the rarer shaped antique Victorian J Sainsbury’s shallow bloater paste pots. A total of six are available to choose from, all with varying degrees of crazing and aged patina.

These ironstone English advertising pots were handmade to be sold containing food products in the J Sainsbury’s grocers shops. Sainsbury’s still exists and is now one of the top supermarkets in the UK, although bloater paste has now been rebranded!

The pots all feature the same black transfer print advertising their bloater paste. As most jars were discarded with common waste at the time, they often have discoloration and chips. However, this adds to their charm as highly decorative, weathered and chippy pieces.

These examples were recently recovered from a Victorian dump. In spite of this, they are all in great overall condition, with varying degrees of chippiness and crazing. Unsurprisingly, there are some imperfections, as listed below, but these aged features add to their character, and would make a unique talking point amongst a white ironstone or English advertising pot collection. They also make excellent small serving dishes. I personally use these for olives, butter, cream and jam (the possibilities are endless…)

POT 1: A mix of clean white ironstone mixed with stained crazing. There are a few odd oxidisation marks, plus crazing inside.


POT 3: Overall this pot is quite clean, with some light crazing in places and slight marks to the transfer print.

POT 4: This pot has patches of rust stained crazing.

POT 5: Overall very clean with some light crazing in places. There is also a small surface chip to the rim.

POT 6: Some stained crazing in places and small chips, including a chip to the rim of the base on the right hand side which has a rusty colour to it.

Please note I have additional pots like this not yet listed. If you are interested in purchasing more pots than currently listed, please do get in touch.

Height, 5.5cm; Width, 6.5cm

UK delivery included, inernational delivery £13.00 maximum for one pot. Discounts available for multiple purchases.




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