Deeply Carved Victorian Treen Breadboard with Leaf Border Decoration

1930s antique Meredith Drew glass shop counter advertising display jar

A wonderful example of an English Victorian carved breadboard, featuring wonderful deeply carved and intricate leaf pattern around the border.

These English carved treen breadboards are becoming rarer and rarer to source, especially in good condition with the carving still sharp and deep. This is a lovely example of a Victorian bread board.

It is quite common for breadboards to have leaves decorating their borders, but this pattern stands out from these due to how deep the carving is and also due to the level of detail, with the stems linked together and looping round on the smaller leaves.

It has clearly been loved through its lifetime as it is in excellent condition. It has been used, as evidenced by the knife marks in the centre of the breadboard. However, there are not many marks to the border and consequently it has not worn away. There is a very small dent to one side of the board, which can’t be seen on the front but has left a small crack on the back of the board. However, this doesn’t affect its use.

The board has been waxed and is a lovely colour. It is perfect for display as part of a breadboard or kitchenalia collection but, as it sits nice and flat, it is also good to use.

Width: 30cm; Height, 2cm

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