V Hoytema Antique 19th Century Dutch Case Gin Bottles

Antique nineteenth century case gin bottles dutch v hoytema co

Antique nineteenth Century dark olive green gin bottles, made by V Hoytema & Co, based in the Netherlands. Available to purchase individually.

These antique square or coffin shaped bottles were used to transport jenever (Dutch gin), used as a trade good, around the world. The tapered bottles were hand blown with applied tops. Their shape made them easy to pack and transport. Made in large quantities, each bottle is unique and has a very rustic look and feel, with air bubbles, discrepancies in the glass and different layers of glass evident.

These are interesting items to have on display in the home or as part of a home bar or drinks trolley.

The condition of the bottles is fair. They all have a rustic finish, and stand on a slight tilt.  They have a weathered and shabby appearance, with scratches, dents and general wear. This is what adds to their charm.

Height, 24cm; Width, 8-8.5cm.

UK delivery £4.00, please ask for an international quote. 




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