Small Victorian Fruitwood Rolling Pin with A Rich & Marbled Patina

antique victorian treen wooden rolling pin fruitwood

This treen rolling pin is a wonderful piece of antique kitchenalia, believed to date back to the late Victorian period at the end of the 19th Century.

Carved from one solid piece of fruitwood, this wooden rolling pin has a unique and unusual appearance, with the different colours of the grain of the wood mixing together to form a marble effect.

Its rustic appearance would make a great addition to a farmhouse or country kitchen. Its compact size also makes it an ideal rolling pin to use for more delicate baking tasks, or for use as a child’s rolling pin.

The condition of this rolling pin is very good. The wood has aged well, with just a few small knocks and dents to the surface, which is on the whole very smooth. , as well as a few surface scratches in place. The ends of the rolling pin are a little rough, most likely caused by this being stood on end in a utensil jar.

Length, 30cm; Width, 5cm

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