Rare Antique Victorian Large Carved English Butter Stamp with a Kent Hop and Wheat

rare antique victorian carved english treen wooden sycamore butter stamp hop pattern kent

This is a quality piece of antique treen kitchenalia dating from the late nineteenth Century, with rarely seen beautiful carving of a hop and wheat.

In a rarely seen extra large size, this hardwood butter stamp or butter mould has a lovely warm patina and feel to it, with the rare subject of a hop taking centre stage, surrounded by wheat ears.

The carvings on stamps like these often denoted the type of farm the butter came from. Hops are grown predominantly in the county of Kent in the South East of England, predominantly for use in beer making. It’s likely that this stamp would have been used to stamp the butter used on a farm in this area of the UK.

Given the relatively small size of this area, it’s very rare to find butter stamps with this as the subject.

Antique butter stamps look lovely displayed as part of a kitchenalia collection. And they are also good to use as biscuit stamps; they work particularly well on shortbread.

The butter print is in excellent condition considering its age. The main signs of wear are through light wear to the surface of the stamp, which gives it a mellow feel and appearance.

Carved from a single turned piece of wood, there is an old very fine age crack in the handle, but this is very tight and doesn’t penetrate through to stamp, which is in excellent order still. There is also a small area of discolouration on the back of the stamp, where a label has previously been fixed. Waxing of the surrounding surface may lessen the impact of this, although it’s not notable when on display. It’s also worth noting that the flat side of the handle is cut at a slight angle, although this doesn’t affect use in any way.

Width, 11cm; Height, 5.5cm

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