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Vintage Carved English Cheese Board with Etched 'Cheese Knife'

Vintage Carved English Cheese Board with Etched 'Cheese Knife'

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A lovely example of a simply carved vintage ‘Cheese’ board, dating from the mid 20th Century, which has hardly been used and comes complete with its own knife.

This carved wooden ‘Cheese’ board is in excellent condition and appears largely unused, with just a small number of knife marks. The carved wording is very crisp and sharp still. 
The matching knife, which is stored in the board, has a stainless steel blade and is similarly excellent condition. It has the added rare bonus of having 'Cheese Knife' etched onto the blade.

A great example of a smaller sized cheese board which is perfect to use when serving a small amount of cheeses at a dinner party, and to have on display at other times.

Length, 22.5cm; Width, 14.5cm; Depth, 1.5cm
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