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Timeworn Antique Large French Ironstone Confiture Pot

Timeworn Antique Large French Ironstone Confiture Pot

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A lovely example of an large timeworn ironstone confiture pot, made by the famous Badonviller factory in the early part of the 20th Century.

This confiture pot oozes charm with some natural timeworn staining, giving it a warm coffee coloured finish, and adding a unique and timeworn patina.

It is an impressive and imposing pot, perfect for storing utensils, or for display in its own right. It is a beautiful piece, with a simple but impressive border at the top, which elevates the style of the pot. There are no cracks, chips or crazing. There is a lip running down the inside of the pot, which is a fault from the manufacturing process, although the pot is structurally sound.

Height, 11.5cm; Width, 11cm
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