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Rare Antique Victorian Purple Printed Harris Clotted Cream Advertising Pot

Rare Antique Victorian Purple Printed Harris Clotted Cream Advertising Pot

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This delightful Victorian white ironstone clotted cream pot, advertising Harris’s Devonshire Clotted Cream, is a rare find.

In a weathered and crazed condition, these antique advertising pots with their coloured transfer prints are amongst my favourite. This example is a very scarce example, and features some wonderful details.

Dating from the late 1800s, these pots were used to sell fresh clotted cream. The style of these advertising pots epitomises the Victorian era, with a lavish use of different, individually beautiful, fonts for each line of writing. The back also features a stunning logo, showing how the cream was transported across the country daily via the rail network.

The passage on the back, extolling the virtues of clotted cream, is equally delightful:

“This Valuable Product highly esteemed for its delicacy with Fruits, Pastry, Jams, Puddings, Coffee, Salads, Fish, Vegetables & C., gives richness of flavour unapproachable, also greatly used for whisking, by dissolving in milk. This nourishing article, has been most success fully employed in cases of debility, and consumption, for which it is highly commended by the Faculty.”

This pot was sourced from a Victorian dump and therefore has a weathered and worn patina. Most notably, the transfer print has faded and is blurred because of wear to the glaze, although it is still discernible. There is light crazing all over, plus staining from burn marks. There are no chips but there are two small hairlines at the top rim, but these are very stable.

Height, 12cm
Width, 6.5cm
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