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Rare Antique Victorian Miniature James Keiller Dundee Marmalade Pot

Rare Antique Victorian Miniature James Keiller Dundee Marmalade Pot

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This is a very rare example of a miniature James Keiller Dundee marmalade antique advertising pot, dating from the late Victorian period at the end of the 1800s.

These ironstone marmalade pots were all handmade by Maling of Newcastle in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Famed for its popular brand of marmalade, the James Keiller company produced their marmalade pots in a variety of sizes, and these are the more scarce examples of the miniature sized marmalade pot. Also known as a ‘Train Size’, as they were often used by passengers in restaurants when travelling.

This pot features exactly the same black transfer print advertising for all the James Keiller Dundee pots. As most jars were discarded with common waste at the time, they often have discoloration and chips. However, this adds to their charm as highly decorative, weathered and chippy pieces.

This example was recently recovered from a Victorian dump and does bear some scars of its time underground.

Most notably, there is a very fine hairline at the top rim of the pot, as well as a small chip on the base. However, the pot is in a stable condition and the pot is in remarkably clean condition so this isn’t overly notable. The miniature logo is also still clear.

Height, 5.5cm; Width, 3.5cm
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