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Rare Antique Victorian Carved Octagonal Bread Board

Rare Antique Victorian Carved Octagonal Bread Board

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This is a rarely seen example of an antique octagonal (eight sided) shaped English carved bread board, with a deeply carved border with ears of wheat, barley and pips or seeds.

Dating from the late Victorian period, it's rare to find octagonal boards in such good condition as this. They were a difficult shape to turn, and often this would result in the wood splitting or warping. This example, though, still sits perfectly flat and the detail of the carved border is stunning. The carving is still crisp and sharp. There are some knife marks from use and mild staining to the middle of the board from where it has been used but overall it has a lovely rich colour and patina to it.

Often given as wedding presents in Victorian times, the more elaborate carvings and shapes made them stand out as gifts of virtue.

Width, 30cm at widest point; Height, 2cm

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